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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are the "provider" arm of the anti-choice movement, using federal funding to lure pregnant women into their facilities, and then thrusting lurid sensationalized anti-choice propaganda at them.

  • CPCs – the "provider” arm of the anti-choice movement – lure women to their facilities under false pretenses, deprive them of accurate information needed to make a fully informed choice, and use fear tactics to dissuade them from choosing legal abortion.
  • Many CPCs pose as fake "clinics,” providing misleading and inaccurate information to women about reproductive health issues such as birth control and abortion. They are often staffed by anti-choice activists, not certified medical personnel.
  • Late in 2004, anti-choice legislators passed a law in Ohio that created "Choose Life” license plates. The proceeds have been directed to crisis pregnancy centers around the state.
  • In Ohio, there are more than 150 CPCs.
  • Currently, legislatures in at least two states (PA, MO) appropriate funds to alternatives to abortion services, including CPCs, out of their general revenue budgets. State legislatures have also considered bills that would allocate tobacco settlement funds and funds from the sale of anti-choice license plates (MO) to alternatives to abortion services.
  • Both the federal government and the states now make abstinence-only grants to a variety of public and private entities and, increasingly, this money has been directed to CPCs.
  • Nationwide, CPCs far outnumber abortion providers. While there are over 3000 CPCs across the country (up from 2000 in the early 1990s), there are only approximately 2000 abortion providers.
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