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Heartless Abortion Ban Fails to Pass Ohio House

Ohio Senate Leadership Also Vows Not to Bring Measure for Vote
Columbus, OH - Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, responded to a vote on Sub. H.B. 248 in the Ohio House today. If enacted this legislation would have effectively outlawed abortion in Ohio. The measure failed by a vote of 46 to 39, falling short of the 50 votes needed for passage.

"After a series of sneaky maneuvers during lame duck session, including trying to hijack a measure to combat infant mortality, the Ohio House rejected the Heartless Abortion Ban,” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. "Although we are elated that this dangerous bill has failed to be enacted again, the games that anti-choice politicians have been playing have had a chilling effect on Ohio women and their physicians. ”

Copeland continued, "Sadly, we know that defeat of this legislation is not the end of the threat to women’s health. Anti-choice forces already have more restrictions on access to reproductive health care ready for introduction when the legislature returns in January. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and our supports will continue to stand up for the rights of Ohioans to make their own reproductive health care decisions without interference from politicians.”

H.B. 258 and its companion bill, S.B. 297, would ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy, a point at which many women do not know they are pregnant. In 2011, the Ohio House passed similar legislation, but supporters failed to win passage in the Ohio Senate. The measure was reintroduced in the Ohio House in 2013 and in the Ohio Senate in 2014. Similar measures were passed in Arkansas and Nebraska but have been rejected by the courts. Attempts to pass this measure failed in the ultraconservative Kansas legislature.


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