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On our site, youíll find comprehensive information about reproductive rights in Ohio. The NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio's Online Newsroom is designed to provide easy access to important, up-to-date news and information about the reproductive health issues that matter to you.

The State of Choice in Ohio

Ohio is known for having some of the strictest and most unnecessary regulations on abortion care in the country. Since John Kasich took office as Governor of Ohio in 2011 he has enacted 17 anti-choice provisions that have severely affected access to reproductive health care throughout the State. There are only nine abortion clinics left in Ohio, and mandatory waiting periods as well as clinic closings have made travel costs alone unmanageable for some women. Evaluating the State of Choice does not stop at simply looking at abortion statistics. Birth and fertility rate, contraception access, sexual education, prenatal care, adequate OB/GYN services, domestic and sexual violence rates and response programs, paid family leave, the state of foster care and a whole host of other issues impact reproductive decisions and create a clearer picture of the safety conditions of women in Ohio. The purpose of this report is to make Ohio specific data on all issues related to choice accessible in one consolidated resource.

Pending State Legislation

Currently, nine pro-choice bills are pending in the state legislature. Six of these bills will have sponsor testimony presented to committees, likely in the lame duck session between November 8 and December 31.

Eleven anti-choice bills are pending in the state legislature. One freestanding anti-choice bill was passed in the current session of the General Assembly, in addition to the anti-abortion restrictions included in the state budget bill.

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