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Your Legislators

In November 2010 Ohio elected an anti-choice governor as well as an anti-choice attorney general, secretary of state, auditor and treasurer, reversing the pro-choice victories in 2006. An anti-choice speaker of the house was also selected. Unfortunately, Ohio Senate continues to be controlled by a 2/3rds anti-choice majority and the Ohio House has a 60 percent anti-choice majority.

To find out if your Ohio legislators are pro-choice, check out our Ohio House and Senate Scorecards. These scorecards report how each member of the Ohio House and Senate voted on reproductive rights bills during the 2005-2006 legislative session. There were no scored votes during the 2007-2008 or the 2009-2010 session, and therefore we did not produce a scorecard for those legislative sessions. If you have questions about your Ohio legislator's stance on choice please feel free to contact us at 614-221-2594, 1-800-GO-NARAL or

Click here for the 2006 Ohio House of Representatives Scorecard.

Click here for the 2006 Ohio Senate Scorecard.

Don't know who your State Representative or State Senator is? Click here to look-up your state and federal legislators.

If you want more information on legislator voting history, you can check out our 2004 Ohio House of Representatives and Ohio Senate scorecards.

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