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Pro-Choice Ohioans:

We are at a time in our state and in our country in which we can no longer sit back and assume that our reproductive rights are guaranteed.

Every day reproductive rights and choice are under attack at the state and national level by anti-choice lawmakers. Here in Ohio, our legislators are trying to pass laws that will limit access to abortion by outlawing abortions at certain stages in pregnancy and banning insurance coverage for abortion.

The good news is that this is not a hopeless situation. The majority of Ohioans are pro-choice. And we believe that women, in consultation with their doctors, their families, and their beliefs should have the absolute right to make decisions regarding their health, their bodies, and their lives.

Now is the time for all pro-choice Ohioans to unite to defend reproductive freedom. You, as a pro-choice Ohioan, can join our effort today! You can take a stand to protect your rights and the rights of others. Together we can stop the anti-choice attack on reproductive rights!

Please plan on attending a pro-choice community event in your area, become a volunteer for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, join the Choice Action Network (CAN), or take action on a choice related issue.

By organizing in our communities, our state, and our country we will stop the anti-choice attack on reproductive rights and we will show the anti-choice zealots that we will not sit back while they further erode a woman's right to choose!


  1. Make sure your NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio dues are current. We can't do our work without your generous contributions.
  2. Become a NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to help organize grassroots activities all across the state. We also need help with a variety of projects in our Cleveland and Columbus offices.
  3. Stay informed about NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio’s educational and legislative work by signing up for our Choice Action Network (CAN). (Your email address will be used only by NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and NARAL Pro-Choice America to keep you informed on your right to choose--we will not sell or lend your email to any other entity.)
  4. Be a Campus Organizer! We work with students on campuses around the state. If you are a student, check out the internship listing or e-mail for more information about how to get your campus involved in this program!
  5. Host a Choice Conversation in your home with family, friends and neighbors to talk about your concerns about the erosion of your reproductive rights and what you can do about it. Email for more details.
  6. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Help NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio get the word out about reproductive rights issues that are important to Ohioans. Tell us if you do:
  7. Organize a meeting with your elected officials in your community. Make sure that your elected officials hear from you and know how you feel about these issues.
  8. Gather 10 signatures on the Prevention First petition. It's easy! Just download the petition and get 10 of your family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers to sign. Mail it back in and get a great gift!
  9. Participate in an on-line action. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio on-line activists are some of the best in the country. Be a part of this great movement and take action today!
  10. Learn more about the issues. So many people don't feel like they know enough to help us spread the word about pro-choice issues. Our webpage is full of great information about reproductive rights issues. Take a few minutes and learn more about the issues and start spreading the word!

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