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Did you know that Ohioans don’t have to wait until November 8 to vote? We can cast our ballots now, in person at an early vote center in your county, or by requesting an absentee ballot be mailed right to your home.

Find out where you can vote early, or how to request a ballot be mailed to you.

This election is too important to let pass you by.

Donald Trump presents the worst threat to women’s rights that we have ever seen. Not only has he admitted to sexually assaulting women and made sexist remarks at every turn, but he has said that he would ban abortion and "punish” women who have abortions.

Donald Trump admitted what anti-choice politicians have tried to hide all along — instead of providing women with safe, supported access to reproductive health care, they want to ban all abortion and treat women who have abortions like criminals.

The outcome of a Trump presidency would be that abortion is banned and a woman having one would be subject to punishment.

We have the power to stop him. Cast your vote early.

Learn more about in-person early vote, or voting by mail from the Ohio Secretary of State Website.

To find out more about where the candidates stand on access to abortion and reproductive health care click here.

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